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DeDe (Raydeena) M. Jones, CPA, CFP

DeDe (Raydeena) M. Jones, CPA, CFP™ is the Managing Director of Innovative Financial, LLC. She has twenty years of experience in the financial arena, including serving as an auditor for Ernst and Young, a lender for First Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo), and a Controller for numerous companies, while working for a Venture Capital firm. As Vice President for Retirement Without Tears, she solidified her expertise as a financial planner and investment consultant.

DeDe understands that no matter how vast her experience is, its only value is within the context of an effective relationship. Therefore, she makes it a priority to be available to answer your questions and concerns, and will meet with you however often is required to help you meet your goals. As a client of Innovative Financial, there's no reason for worrying; as DeDe often says, "Call me – you'll sleep better."

In addition, our comprehensive Consulting Team consists of professionals in the areas of estate law, insurance, and the stock market. They will be brought in to assist you as needed, and their credentials presented at that time. We are proud to only work with those whom we would trust with our own personal matters.

Life goals. Money goals. In that order.

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